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Couple Group

In general the Group meets ones a month at 15:00 hours.

After the meeting, English Mass at 17:00 hours

Please contact our Parish Office for further information

Couple Group

The couple group is mainly a present that we give to ourselves and to the others with whom we share this time.

As couple and family we need a place to share with others about our daily lives, our joys as well as our difficulties. In the couple group, we find this space and share in a humble, joyful and kind atmosphere. In our busy livfes, here we take time to relate ourselves, our couples and families to God and His will for each of us.

We can experience that we are not alone and that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We have different stories but a similar thirst for deeper couple relationship as well as a deeper relationship with God.

With Father Mate, we start with a short meditation from the Bible that we link to our dailylifes.

Please come and join!

The couple group is for every couple or family from 0 to 100 years marriage! International and intergenerational sharing is a strength!

Benoit and Déborah